Tax Law

Fiscal and tax management and guidance for businesses and individuals.
  • Specific and/or recurring fiscal and tax guidance for individuals and legal entities
  • Guidance, preparing and submitting tax declarations:
    • IRPF (Spanish Personal Income Tax).
    • IVA (Value Added Tax).
    • ITPAJD (Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions and Documented Legal Actions).
    • Inheritance and Gift Tax.
    • Local and regional taxes
  • International taxation.
  • Guidance for sports clubs and non-profit organisations.
  • Representation and defence in court and before the Spanish Tax Agency.
  • Injunctions, appeals, inspections and financial-administrative claims.
  • Issuing reports on any tax-related matter.
  • Tax optimisation, for individuals and legal entities.
  • Guidance on sale and acquisition of companies or professional businesses.
  • Guidance on business restructuring (mergers, spin-offs, non-monetary contributions, etc.).
  • Fiscal audits (due diligence) and reviews.
  • Guidance on real estate operations.
  • Guidance on related-party transactions and transfer prices.


Legal advice in matters with the Public Administration.


Guidance on all sorts of civil relationships and conflicts.

Fiscal & Tax

Fiscal and tax management and guidance for businesses and individuals.


Labour guidance and management for businesses and individuals.


Legal assistance in criminal proceedings related to felony or misdemeanour charges.


Port law is one of our specialities and this is why we have a whole department that focuses on MARINAS to provide our clients with guidance on all aspects of this area of law.


Guidance on mercantile law, providing advice and support to companies, and in corporate transactions.


Guidance and legal representation for non-resident companies and individuals.