Criminal Law

Legal assistance in criminal proceedings related to felony or misdemeanour charges.
  • Crimes against people and life (murder, manslaughter, homicide, injury, abortion, etc.).
  • Crimes against liberty (illegal arrest, threats and coercion, kidnapping).
  • Crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity (sexual abuse and attacks, sexual harassment, prostitution, etc.).
  • Crimes against family relations (family rights and duties, violation of guardianship duties and inducing a minor to abandon the home).
  • Crimes against property (theft, robbery, fraud, misappropriation, damage, etc.).
  • Financial crimes (fraud, money laundering, fiscal crimes, business crimes, etc.).
  • Crimes against the Public Administration (perversion of justice, bribery, misappropriation of funds, influence peddling, etc.).
  • Crimes against Public Order (disorderly conduct, assault on a police officer, etc.).
  • Crimes against public health (drug trafficking).
  • Crimes against workers’ rights (employing workers not registered with Social Security, illegal trafficking of workers, imposing illegal working conditions, etc.).
  • IT crimes (revealing or disclosing secrets, sexting, stalking, fraud).
  • Criminal Compliance Department, team specialising in implementing procedures to monitor and control, creating criminal prevention services for legal entities, consisting in:
    • Implementing the Criminal risk prevention protocol.
    • Guidance for the Criminal Compliance Officer.


Legal advice in matters with the Public Administration.


Guidance on all sorts of civil relationships and conflicts.

Fiscal & Tax

Fiscal and tax management and guidance for businesses and individuals.


Labour guidance and management for businesses and individuals.


Legal assistance in criminal proceedings related to felony or misdemeanour charges.


Port law is one of our specialities and this is why we have a whole department that focuses on MARINAS to provide our clients with guidance on all aspects of this area of law.


Guidance on mercantile law, providing advice and support to companies, and in corporate transactions.


Guidance and legal representation for non-resident companies and individuals.