Labour Law

Labour guidance and management for businesses and individuals
  • Creating monthly payslips, payslips for extras, bonus slips, delays, etc.
  • Studying and putting together plans for payment in kind.
  • Calculating and preparing Social Security contributions. (Contribution slip and List of Employees).
  • Managing and processing notification of temporary disability and workplace accidents.
  • Quarterly IRPF withholdings (Form 111), annual declarations (Form 190), individual withholdings certificates. Communicating personal data to payer.
  • Registering employees with Social Security, drafting work contracts, extensions and notifying pertinent bodies of contracts.
  • Studies on appropriate hiring, bonuses and pay cuts to apply.
  • Deregistering employees with Social Security, calculating final payment, severance and handling company certificates.
  • Ongoing guidance on labour issues. Information on rights and duties.
  • Preparing disciplinary actions and/or dismissals.
  • Guidance and drafting labour calendars.
  • Studying and calculating retirement.
  • Processing and applying for maternity or paternity benefits, or retirement, survivor’s or orphan’s pensions.
  • Preparing and aiding in workplace inspections.
  • Processing registrations and deregistrations with Social Security, drafting contracts and letters of dismissal and end of special relationship for domestic employees.
  • Processing registrations and deregistrations with Social Security for self-employed workers. Managing self-employed business owners.
  • Guidance in monitoring workers’ hours. Managing and monitoring software to track hours.
  • Managing and processing mediation agreements and attending mediation.


Legal advice in matters with the Public Administration.


Guidance on all sorts of civil relationships and conflicts.

Fiscal & Tax

Fiscal and tax management and guidance for businesses and individuals.


Labour guidance and management for businesses and individuals.


Legal assistance in criminal proceedings related to felony or misdemeanour charges.


Port law is one of our specialities and this is why we have a whole department that focuses on MARINAS to provide our clients with guidance on all aspects of this area of law.


Guidance on mercantile law, providing advice and support to companies, and in corporate transactions.


Guidance and legal representation for non-resident companies and individuals.